Mankind benefits from the latest technology

Modern technology helps us lead our everyday lives. Technology provides benefits in medicine, home environment, and comfort. We have a few examples:

The ‘ReCure’ Bandage reduces and eliminates neck and shoulder pains: Several people suffer from neck and shoulder pain due to work and lifestyle. When worn the ‘ReCure’ fixed on the upper neck and shoulders finds tension. On detecting pain, the ‘ReCure’ reminds the person to relax the particular muscle. It works on upstream conception and removes pain from neck and shoulder. The ‘ReCure’ work for those who lead a sedentary life but are tuned to their bodies.

Eye Surgery Robot (R2D2) helps perform retinal membrane operations: Robot was funded by Oxford University Hospitals, NHS Foundation and Dutch charity Zizoz. This eye surgery robot performs complicated, precise and remote operations. This surgery robot gets no human surgeons’ hand tremors so it does not cause any damage. This robot operates to precision levels of 1000th of a millimetre.

Mankind benefits from the latest technology

The ‘Orb’ Germ-Killing UV Light Ball Enables Environmental Sanitisation: Homes have invisible bacteria and microbes carrying germs. People use chemical cleansers but those are often harmful to human beings. The ‘Orb’ Germ-Killing UV Light Ball kills microbes by emitting UV light in all directions. Waterproof designs are for cleaning all over the house. It has Smartphone control.

Symphony Cloud Air Cooler: Air conditioners are essential commodities for those living in the warm climates worldwide. Many prefer an economical approach to home cooling. The Symphony Cloud Air Cooler uses a water reservoir for cooling the air. Comparing this system to traditional air conditioners, it uses ten times less energy than AC. The electricity consumed and pollution into the environment for this system is less. Symphony Cloud Air Cooler maybe wall mounted to save space.

‘Hybrid Air’ Conditions and Purifies the Air within a Home: Usually AC units are used for cooling a particular space at home. The ‘Hybrid Air’ is engineered for dual purposes. The system makes the home more comfortable and cleaner. This system maintains a consistently good quality of the air and keeps the temperature for maximum capacity. The ‘Hybrid Air’ Conditions and Purifies the Air has self-cleaning functionality. These include brushes and UV light working simultaneously to keep filters clean and disinfected always. The ‘Hybrid Air’ ensures that no dirty air would blow into the clean home space. This is true even if the owner forgets to clean  AC unit.

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