Know the amazing features of VPN

A web security is a best and safest solution in all areas: Open Source Software. Unlike commercial solutions, we can test source code on backdoors to ensure maximum security.

Why do I need a VPN? What do I have to hide?

“You do not need privacy because you have nothing to hide is like saying that you do not need freedom of expression because you have nothing to say.” This quote from Edward Snowdens is nothing to add.

VPN Server

All of our servers run under specially adapted, hardened Linux operating systems. We pursue the philosophy “less is more” all servers contain only software that is directly necessary to implement the task. The superfluous software provides unnecessary attack points. The programs are continually developed and tested by us and the community for weaknesses. All servers have IDS (Intrusion Detection Systems), firewalls, and automatic malware scanners.

Web Security VPN Client

We do not trust any software that has not been thoroughly tested by us or which we have developed ourselves. Our client is based on open VPN as well as Java and offers some advantages over the otherwise available software.

The Itday is only a VPN service provider you do not install malware with advertising and or worse annoying. Secondly, the software is optimally adapted to our infrastructure and is based on Java, a programming language installed on hundreds of millions of phones (Android), PCs and notebooks worldwide.

A further advantage of Java is the compatibility with all operating systems – thus ensuring that our client on OSX as well as on Microsoft and Linux equals and looks.

The features at a glance:

Autoupdate of the client

Autoupdate all VPN servers

Auto Add new VPN server

Auto-detection of firewalls, adaptive UDP / TCP

Link to GeoIP Database for IP verification

Overview of your own, old IP as well as connected server

Auto-detection of man in middle attacks, automatic reconstruction of the tunnel

and much more!

Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android and LINUX support

Itday is one of the best VPN service providers on the web and it supports all major operating systems whether you are using a PC, Smartphone or Tablet PC, are supported. In the customer area you will find instructions for all configuration options – if something does not work immediately, our support is available! You can access this service simply by login from any of the location of the world.


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