How do you send the fax?

You can send and receive the fax using Gmail account. You can use fax machine to send and receive faxes at anytime. But, fax machine will consume more energy and it will send and receive the fax only when it is on. If the fax machine is in unplugged, then they will not receive any fax and you can miss any important fax. Do you know how do you fax? We can send the fax by using email account on from our mobile phone or personal computer. From the fax machine, people can send and receive the paper document for free and it will reduce the money and save their time.

Most of the companies or individual need not accept the paper documents and they want to send or receive fax through mail. They need scanned documents without printing and scanning them. Do you have any idea about online fax services and how do you fax using online fax service? From online fax service, people need to online fax number. Online fax number which is used to forward all incoming and sending fax to the people at anywhere. Here, we are providing the simple steps to demonstra

Steps to sending the fax with Fax machine

  • First, you check your fax machine will need to be properly configured or not.
  • Then, plug on your fax machine
  • You should place your document in the document feeder.
  • Enter the fax number which you want to send with extensions to dial externally and include the international dialing codes.
  • Click the send button
  • Fax machine takes time to scan and send the document and finish the process.
  • Now, take the confirmation page and take the original document

Steps to sending the fax with the Online fax services

  • Log in to the account of the fax service provider.
  • Choose the document that you want to send
  • Enter the subject and prepare the cover page of the fax
  • Select the fax option and type the fax number instead the email address in the recipient field which you want to send the fax
  • Press the send option
  • You should wait for the document to send to the another person
  • You can also send another fax or you can close the program.

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