Common Computer Errors and How to Resolve Them

Computers have become an important part of the current generation, most people leverage on computers to perform various tasks for either work or personal purposes. While working on the computers, it’s very common for people to encounter some type of error. Errors are normal things that indicate that there’s something wrong with the computer.

An error can be caused due to various reasons,  it could be caused due to a failed hardware part, a faulty driver, or even a software that is causing the computer to behave abnormally. Generally, when an error arises, most people tend to panic and re-install the operating system which in turn deletes all the files present in the computer.

Common Computer Errors and How to Resolve Them

Although, re-installing fixes the error, but there are many easy ways to solve those errors. Here are some of the most common errors that you can come across on a computer, what causes them and how can you solve them:

POST error that causes beeping

This is probably the first error that you could come across while turning your computer on. It’s a very common error which causes due to a hardware failure or a hardware problem. When you turn on a computer, it checks if all the vital components are running properly through a process called POST (Power-on Self Test).

If you hear a single beep during the start up then the POST is successfully completed with all the components running properly, but if there’s continuous beeping then there’s some problem with any component. To resolve this error you can check the computer’s motherboard and find if there’s any problem with the RAM, CMOS battery, or even the graphics card.

0x000000EF Windows error or the Blue Screen of Death

This occurs suddenly and causes the most panic among people because the error shows up in a blue screen and nothing works after that. No matter what operating system you use, there are chances that you will encounter this error. This error occurs due to a change in hardware or software which the operating system hasn’t accepted.

You can restart your system when this occurs, and it’s recommended that you remove any new hardware that you have attached to the computer. If you’ve not attached any new hardware, then you must log into your computer using safe mode and remove or uninstall any new software that you’ve installed.

Error due to missing DLL files

These are the most common error that people using computers come across. This error indicates that while running an executable file the system couldn’t find the required files, which in this case are the .dll files. These are very easy to fix as you can just reinstall the software, or you can download the missing .dllfile  from the internet and use it as a replacement.

Device and driver errors

Sometimes while using the computer, you might experience that a hardware device has stopped working. This causes due to glitches in the hardware or the driver module; you can find the error by going to the device manager and look for a  yellow warning sign which indicated there’s an error in that particular device.

This could be resolved by updating the device driver which could be easily done by just right-clicking on the device and updating the device driver.

These are some of the common errors that you could come across while using a computer and how to resolve them easily.

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