5 Perks of Working in Large Law Firms

Large law firms are also known by Big Law or mega-firm considering the number of lawyers. Going by definition of American Bar Association large law firms are the ones with more than 20 lawyers. Most lawyers and budding lawyers are split apart when they have to decide between large law firms and smaller law firms.

Here’s a list of benefits you might come across when you work for a large law firm:

Mint a lot of money

Most employees prefer working in a reputable company, however, at the end of the day it’s the money that you earn matters the most. The biggest advantage of working in large law firms enables you to earn big and get better compensation package than the smaller firms, non-profit, and public interest environments.

5 Perks of Working in Large Law Firms

Opportunity to learn from the best lawyers

Large law firms usually pay top dollars and have the ability to recruit well-qualified lawyers, staff, and paralegals. It’s a given that mega-firms recruit only the top students form prestigious law schools in town. You’ll get a wonderful opportunity to learn from these well-qualified colleagues, you’ll earn more money and a lot of learning from the best in lawyers.

Wider clients base and resources 

Small law firms tend to have limited clients, while large law firms have diverse and plentiful clients. Oftentimes, large law firms are not subjected to financial difficulty because of its client base. There’s no shortage of on-site resource with large law firms which has a treasure of resources from extensive law libraries to full-service copy centers and in-house gyms.

A well-established office space with large support staff

Large law firms are located in prime location with more spacious surroundings than small firms, government, and public interest firms. You don’t have to cover a lot of miles to reach your office with large law firms, which are usually close to the courthouse, fine dining, and other awe-moment amenities.

You’ll haveextensivesupport staff and administrative staff at your disposal. Your life will be hassle-free when you have people to get the job done for you rather than you running around to do everything by yourself. A lot of staffs like, legal administrators, paralegals, marketing specialist, file clerks, and other come in handy to ease your work.

Well-planned training program

Large law firms has a well-defined mentoring and training program for new lawyers who join the firm for paralegals, associates, and other law firm professionals. When you’re exposed to these in-house and elaborate summer associate programs, you’ll learn more and grow more to enhance your skill set. You might not be able to enjoy these perks when you work for small law firms.

It’s a win-win situation when you join a large law firm, it will help you earn well and learn from the best lawyers in town. It’s recommended that you start your carrier in large law firms if you wish to kick-start your carrier with better office space and colleagues.

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