Best manufacturers for your pool table in Durham

M-Tech Inc. is one of the best manufacturers for pool tables and all the other game pieces of equipment as well. It is one of the oldest manufacturers of pool tables in Raleigh Nc. A little friendly competition of pool games between friends is one of the best forms of fun and excitement. These manufacturers are passionate

about the work they do and help share this passion with you. Pol tables that perfectly complement space and are unique. They offer one of the best qualities out there and with amazing custom made pool tables they have in offer for you. They have one of the impressive and amazing selections of the pool table and its

related services. Many different kinds of game tables are available in-store as well such as air hockey, poker table, bumper pool, Foosball, Shuffleboard and more. It is one of the best pool table manufacturer durhamnc.

pool table manufacturer durham nc

About the manufacturing company

M-Tech Inc. is one of the oldest dedicated manufacturers of pool tables out there. They have been serving the eastern United States since 1943 from there home in Raleigh, NNC. they have been able to attain a high reputation of reliability and excellence due to their high-quality custom made tables. Along with the tables they are also known to provide a wide range of table services that include assembling, moving, re-covering and so on. The current owner who is an engineer by trade is Michael who took over the company from his uncle and father after growing u helping his father in business. Previously the company was known as Raleigh Billiard Supply ut was renamed by the current owner, know it is known as Met-Tech The legacy is being carried out with amazing workmanship and skills along with the unbeatable customer services. It provides a lot of services such as:

  • Custom manufacturing of table
  • Moving of pool Table
  • Assembling Services
  • Re-covering of the surface
  • Accessory sales
  • Pool table sales
  • Dis-Assembling services

The pool table manufacturer durham nc is also one of the proud members of the Billiard Congress of America. You can contact them directly by calling them on the contact number provided, or you can mail them your queries and also visit the location yourself and find out the rates or the information you want. It has excellent customer services and the staff is cooperative and comfortable, giving expert and unbiased advice to its customers, helping them to attain the perfect product of their desire.

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