Remember these before you decide anything

            When you are converting BTC to USD there are a couple of things that you should know before you actually do it because you could face some consequences that you honestly did to yourself. It could have been avoided but you choose not to do any research.

Find a good converter


            This is highly important if you are just converting it online. You need to find a good converter that will have the changing values of the Bitcoin, as the value of it is constantly changing. So make sure that it is accurate and that you convert it on a few different convert sites, or apps.

Taxes and government regulations

            Converting BTC to USD may seem all fun and easy until the government interference comes into play. So you know how we pay taxes on our profits and such it is just like that for Bitcoins. When you convert it, which means you are selling Bitcoins it means that you are earning a profit. Therefore the government will charge you a cost on it, which is pretty much sucks if you tell me about it.

Bitcoin is volatile

            This means that the values change in a rapid manner, and Bitcoins are one of them. The value of it can increase and decrease with in seconds, that’s how volatile they are. Therefore you want to make sure that when you plan on converting it is at a higher rate, and seems like it won’t decrease for your own benefit. These are just a few things you have to keep in mind.

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