The ultimate tips for good fleet management

The vision of logistics companies regarding transport has changed. Now, this represents a possibility to increase productivity. The characteristics of logistics chains today are very clear; They must be visible, fast, flexible, consistent, reliable, and once they reach this level, they automatically become profitable. Based on this we can relate them to the operation of transport, a leading and indispensable part of these chains. Transportation is a fundamental part of the key performance indicators that measure this type of chain: fill rate, optimal inventory levels and logistics costs, so their participation must have a voice, vote and development in the collaboration schemes in which global chains are moving. Click here for used trucks in sacramento.

Cost structure

Every carrier must have a breakdown of its cost structure and verify that its compliance is done trip by trip, this is the fundamental point to know if they are making or losing money.

Know and physically travel the routes

Being aware of the route to search for optimization areas and take into account the path to customers, detours, shortcuts, booths, type of road will give us the experience so that although we work from a desk, we get the knowledge of the transportation system. Visit this site for used trucks in sacramento.

Be very clear

Talk clearly to customers about the accessory issues such as delays, complete loading cycles and signing responsibilities of both the transport provider and the customer. Internally, the transporter line must have a robust commercial strategy.A clear communication with the customer is the key to customer satisfaction.

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Robust information technology systems

Remember that motor transport is completely pulverized and high-cost technological tools would not be an option. Currently, apart from Excel, there are very cheap transportation solutions and tailored suits for transportation companies of all sizes.

Five-year plan

Aspect directly related to the strategic planning of the company where all areas, preferably at all levels, work on the objectives and challenges for five years; considering one year at a time is very risky and the market can reach us, due to this, it is essential to have the same vision with the objective of productivity and leadership.

There are other recommendations but the main ones are: get to know your company, get to know your market, your customers and know the direction the transport line will take, always with the focus of being the protagonist in logistics chains.

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